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Best Air Compressor For Motorcycle Tires

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

This one’s number UNO —- Amazon.com: DeWalt DXCMV5076055 60 gallon 5 hp Two Stage Air Compressor : Tools & Home Improvement

It’s my best. It’s the best. No argument there ….

Did ya check out the fact that it’s heavy – duty and all? Yup … top – of – the – line, state – of – art ( the best cookie in the jar, ha ha haha , or whatever other analogy you would like to use … ya get the point ) …..

Now, then, I want to spill the other details …

So first of all, on that, we come to the fact that it is well – worth every bleeding cent of the full

$ 1,831.87 that its brand ( DEWALT, the best around, by the way … and I wrote on that, a thing or two, in other places … see my similar page – posts ) wants to sell it for. It’s worth every cent. Every cent.

Now, then, I want to talk on all the value that you get for this product, which, by the way ( and I have tried many other kinds of air – compressors, do not get me wrong, some of which ROCK THE HOUSE as well, and truly kick real butt, he he heh ehe heh eh heh eheh ) , is the best one I have used on my motor – cycle. Of the others I tried, I liked this one only more. And that says plenty, in itself.

The value? Well, you get 60 GALLONS ( frickin’ a …. right? ) . Yup, we are not just talking about a simpleton – like, 3 – to – 5 – gallon sort of item here … no, no, no. Not even a 10 – gallon ( which is still very handy to have ) air – compressor. But SIXTY ( YESSSSS …. SIX …. ZERO … HA HAH AHAH AH HA HA HAH AHA HAH AH AHA HAHA HA HAHA AH HAH ) full stinkin’ gallons. Awesome? Yeah … FRICKIN’ AWESOME ….

And the horse – power is WAY UP HIGH, as well, no less …. 5. yup. 5 – hp. Not just half a horse – power ( or half – hp ) , which would still be enough. Or even just 1 or 2 hp. No, no, no …. 5. That is nice and high ( like a hippie on weed, but I won’t even go there …. ) .

As for the voltage, talk about HIGH, too ( super – high – voltage – capacity at the end of the day, nothing less than 230 – volts, aka 230 – V … by measurement of AC, ooh yeahhh …. not DC ) . You use a cord with it, which I think can or can not be the only real negative about it. I hate cords myself. I am always a cord – less sort of guy. But other than this, this air – compressor is practically flawless.