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Top 10 Best Drills

Whether a DIYer or professional, the best drill makes your life easier. From drilling perfect holes in different materials (like wood, ceramic tiles, concrete, etc.) to driving in screws, a drill accomplishes both within seconds. 

If you ask me which type of drill is best, between corded and cordless, I’ll always go with a cordless drill. It offers good flexibility, a better range of movement, and is compact. Plus, it’s in my budget! 

But which drill is the best? What brand of drills is the best? What drills are the strongest? Are you wondering about all these? 

Continue reading to know my top 10 recommendations that are the best, most substantial, and the perfect investment for DIY homemakers and professionals. 

10 Must-Buy Drills - Reviewed and Compared  

From DEWALT to BOSCH, from single drills to complete drill sets, I’ve tried and reviewed the top 10 models below.

WESCO 20V Power Drill -  Best Overall



The first cordless drill on the list is this 20V Power Drill from WESCO. Powered by a 1.3Ah battery, it can meet all your drilling and screwing requirements. 

Note: The battery takes approximately 3-5 hours for a full charge. Plus, the overcharge protection automatically shuts off charging when complete. 

I tried the drill for my brick wall, a thick wooden board, and a metal sheet. And I must say, it drilled perfect holes in all these materials due to the decent torque of 120 in-lbs. 

Concerning the design, WESCO has done a fantastic job by keeping the design very ergonomic and lightweight. The drill weighs just 2.6 lbs and comes secured with a robust rubber-coated handle for a firm grip. I used the grip for hours in one go and didn’t feel any hand fatigue. 

Changing the drill bits is also straightforward with a ⅜” keyless chuck. 

There’s also a built-in LED light to support drilling around a dark area, activated as soon as you trigger the drill. Thus, if you often work at night, you can’t ask for more.  



SnapFresh 20V Power Drill - Best Drill + Driver Set



If you’re looking for the best drill + driver set, look at what I have brought for you. 

A hot-selling product from SnapFresh, this drill and driver set serves all - DIYers, homemakers, and professionals. This is possible due to its high-speed motor that generates a torque of 310 in-lbs. Not just this, but you can also adjust the torque as per your requirements, courtesy of the 21+1 torque position chucks. 

Hence, be it hardwood, plastic, metal, or bricks, SnapFresh 20V Power Drill has your back. 

Talking about the RPMs and speed, the drill comes with dual variable speeds of 400 RPMs and 1400 RPMs. While the former is for driving in the screws, switch to the latter for drilling works. 

In accessories, you get 43 high-quality drill bits and a flexible shaft. You can attach this shaft to the drill to reach those tight spaces the drill couldn’t reach earlier. 

The design is also ergonomic, as you would want it and the rubber grip provides additional support while drilling. However, the battery capacity isn’t great, but “1h fast charging” compensates for the same. 



DeWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill - Best Drill With Max Drill Speed



How can I miss DeWALT when talking about drills? And here is its top-rated power drill driver. 

The best thing about this DeWALT is its nominal price tag. If you don’t want to spend much on the drill, get your hands on this machine for less than a hundred dollars! 

It’s another compact model I’ve personally tested on various materials—for example, wood, metal, plastic, etc. The performance is just brilliant as the drill delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power. You won’t feel short of power, for sure! 

Depending on your project, you can adjust the RPMs between 450 and 1500 (max.) 

If you’re dealing with a very tough material and want a tight “bit” gripping strength, DeWALT has got this covered with its 1/2-inch single-sleeve ratcheting chuck. On the design front, this drill scores a perfect 10/10 on my tests, with a comfortable and taller handle. 



BOSCH CLPK22-120 12V Max Cordless 2-Tool 3/8 in. Drill/Driver - Best Drill With An Impact Driver



Why purchase an impact driver separately when you can get it complimentary with the drill? Don’t believe it? Check this drill driver + impact driver set from BOSCH. 

First, let’s discuss the drill driver - PS31. It’s your regular cordless drill that produces up to 1,300 RPM. Due to its lightweight design, I recommend it for overhead operations consisting of tight spaces. 

But don’t go by its small size. This drill driver produces a torque of up to 265 in-lbs. The 3 LED lights in the front, when activated, illuminate the dark working space for easy and safe handling. PS31 has a ⅜” single-sleeve three-jaw chuck that firmly grips the drill bits and prevents them from falling. 

The PS41, i.e., the impact driver, is better suited for drilling fasteners, longer screws, and lag bolts. For this, the maximum speed you get is 2,600 RPM and 930 in-lbs torque. 

Here again, there are 3 LED lights, comfortable rubber gripping, lightweight design, etc. 



HOTO Cordless Brushless Drill - Best Drill With A Brushless Motor



This HOTO cordless drill with a high-performance brushless motor is the most elegantly designed model I’ve seen. Apart from the aesthetics, its price tag is also reasonable at under $100. 

Thanks to its brushless motor, it generates a torque of 266 in-lbs which you can adjust per your requirements. And you do so at your fingertips from the smart HD screen at the back. Being cordless, it houses a long-lasting 2000mAh Li-ion battery that’s easy to charge via any USB-C charger. 

Coming to the design, it’s jaw-dropping! Made from PC+ABS plastic, HOTO has given the drill a one-of-a-kind “screwless design.” On the outside is the matte metal baking paint + matte TPU soft rubber injection coating for a stain & scratch-resistant finish. 

All these also make the drill perfect for every human hand! 

Another highlight of the drill is the dual working modes - Self-Selecting and Pulse. When you activate the former, the drill automatically switches between 1-30 gears of torque per the needs of various devices. On the other hand, the Pulse mode takes care of the power to avoid damage to the material. 

Overall, if you frequently undertake minor tasks, such as home appliance repair, DIY, or house maintenance, this HOTO Cordless Brushless Drill is your go-to friend. However, don’t use it for heavy-duty work! 



COMOWARE 20V Cordless Drill - Best Cordless Drill Under $50



This COMOWARE 20V Cordless Drill is one of the cheapest drills on this list. However, this doesn’t mean any compromise with the power, quality, or accompanying accessories.  

Using the drill’s dual variable speed of 350 and 1300 RPMs, you can choose an ideal speed depending on whether you want to drill holes or drive screws in. With an adjustable ⅜” keyless clutch, you can switch between the bits to avoid stripping out the head of a screw, sinking a screw too deep, or breaking a screw shaft. 

Regarding the Li-ion battery, its max capacity is 1500mAh, which powers your cordless drill for many hours. When completely exhausted, connect the battery to its 1.5A charger for fast charging. I could fully charge the battery in around 1 hour, exactly what the company claims. 

Despite its unbelievably low price, you can enjoy drilling in dark working conditions, courtesy of the bright LED lights in the front. 

Lastly, the accessories include HSS twist drill bits (3 nos.), screwdriver bits (11 nos.), double-headed bits (2 nos.), brad point drill bits (3 nos.), masonry drill bits (3 nos.), and one flexible hex shaft.



BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* POWERECONNECT Cordless Drill- Best Drill With Interchangeable Battery System



Quick home repairs and DIY projects will no longer be challenging if you get your hands on this BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX POWERCONNECT cordless drill. 

If you’re wondering what this “20V MAX POWERCONNECT” battery system is, it’s a top product series of BLACK+DECKER under which every product houses an interchangeable battery. Hence, you can use the battery of another product with this drill if that product is from the brand’s POWERCONNECT series. 

With a max torque of 300 in-lbs, the drill driver easily drills through all common materials, including plastic, wood, and metal. Plus, the 24-point clutch ensures no stripping or overdriving screws in any project.

Coming to the design, the drill is elegantly designed with a soft-touch rubber grip. No matter how long you’ve been drilling, you won’t face pain or hand fatigue. 

Since there is no variable speed and the max RPMs generated are just 750, I won’t recommend the drill for heavy-duty applications. But you can easily do any less demanding work without worries.   



IRONFIST Cordless Drill - Best 3-In-1 Cordless Drill



This IRONFIST Cordless Drill is the only 3-in-1 drill on this list. While other drills can only drill holes and drive in screws, this particular drill can also be employed for hammering type work for concrete, bricks, walls, etc. And price? It costs under $40!

Besides, there are 18 torque settings for various applications with a ⅜ inches keyless clutch with a 10mm three-jaw design. Depending on the work type and material, you can adjust the torque to ensure no stripping out the head of a screw, breaking a screw shaft, or too deep sinking the screw. 

You can also adjust the drill speed from 400 RPM to 1400 RPM for better and quick results. 

Note: The maximum torque generated by this IRONFIST Cordless Drill is 45 Nm.

This 3-in-1 drill runs on a 1500mAh Li-ion battery that’s both long-lasting and quick to charge. And for late-night or dim working conditions, you can activate the built-in LED lights and enjoy drilling, hammering, or screwing. 



RAGU Store 12V Cordless Drill - Best Cordless Drill For Ceramics



If you deal with a material like ceramic, you should check out this cordless drill from RAGU Store. The brand may not be as famous as others in the market, but its products speak for themselves. 

I chose this drill for its amazing performance-to-weight ratio, minimal hand fatigue, and maneuverability. It’s so easy to operate, quiet, and lightweight (2.14 pounds) that even women can use it for quick home makeovers and DIYs. 

Housing a heavy-duty industrial copper motor, the max torque you can achieve is around 30 Nm. You can even adjust it for different projects and working materials using the 18 torque settings. 

If you’re thinking about speed, it’s neither good nor bad. The maximum achievable RPM is 1350, with an option to drop it to 400 for soft materials or driving screws. This helps towards extending the battery life as well. 

Lastly, I also liked the Forward/Reverse switch that lets you screw or replace/remove drill bits for your purposes. 



MAIBERG Cordless Drill - Best Cordless Drill With 1000-Charging Cycles



Last but not least, here’s the MAIBERG Cordless Drill for screwing and drilling through the toughest of materials. 

Unlike other drills, here, you get a “⅜” keyless auto chuck.” What it does is change the drill/driver bits quickly. Once done, you can adjust the driving/screwing speed per your requirements. That is, 350 RPM (switch the button backward) for screwing and 1350 RPM (switch the button forward) for drilling. 

If I talk about ease of use and safety, the drill starts working and stops at the push of the trigger. To prevent unexpected starts, you just need to set the Forward/Release button in the middle! This will completely lock the drill. 

Tip: Push the trigger hard for maximum speed. 

The torque is the standard 300 in-lbs that can be adjusted using the 18 settings. And when working at night, activate the LED lights in the front for an illuminated workspace. 




Here you go, peeps. That’s everything you should know about the best drills. Although corded drills are more powerful than their cordless counterparts, you have to normalize a set of difficulties in keeping and using them. 

They are bulky, restricted by the cord length, and gigantic. On the other hand, a cordless drill is lightweight, not restricted by any cord, and compact. 

This article takes you through some of my favorite cordless drills that I personally tried before recommending them to you!