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How Do You Clean The Reed Valve On An Air Compressor?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Another smash – hit of a question ( super question, to ask, really ) and I applaud you again for coming back. Thanks for asking. Thanks for inquiring. But certainly, most of all, thanks for staying on here and for reading ….

Now then, my dear friend, first of all —- if you notice blockages, debris, and more, then you certainly need to get in there and clean, clean, clean … make sure that reed valve gets the proper cleaning it deserves! Start out on this by simply just removing the valve ( safely and carefully, of course, taking your time and being in no rush ) . Keep it somewhere nearby for when you need to re – insert it later. Dis – assemble that valve ( with or without tools needed, depending on the model and how hard – shut it is, at the moment, etc ) . Open it and take it apart, piece by piece, in other words … remembering how you did so, so that you know what piece goes where / how to re – assemble it later, just the way that it was. And one thing that can help you, on that note, in case you are a bit forgetful or do not have what some like to call a ‘visual memory’, would be this …. take a video of yourself as you dis – assemble this product, step – by - step, or even a “before photo” of the product, in its fully assembled state ( aka a perfectly assembled valve ) so that you can at least have some point of reference when putting it all back together. Believe me, for some of us, a visual aid is super important and not a bad back – up to have, in any case.

Now, clean every single piece of that reed valve with a strong, professional solvent liquid solution. Use a rag to sort of scrape and scrub at any dirt or mold, etc. For getting into those smaller holes and scrubbing harder, I suggest a small tool like a tooth – brush ( an old one you don’t care for anymore, he he he he he heh heh … and toss it out when you’re done … do NOT make the mistake of cleaning it and brushing your teeth with it later on, which believe me, some have done, in an effort to save a little money …. but totally not worth it … you don’t want your mouth where your air – compressor’s dirty reed valve has been … yuck, yuck, yuck ) .

Use a clean cloth / rag. Wipe everything down. Re – assemble. Re – attach your reed valve properly back to its air compressor. Then, take a break and go and get some ice – cream. You have worked hard. You’ve earned it. Thanks for reading, my friend. Please come back for some more content!