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What Is Better A Vertical Or Horizontal Air Compressor?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

You might think that one performs better than the other, or that one is “better” than the other ( or the “best”, ha ha hah hah hah ) . But in all reality, and in all fairness, here, it just depends on what you need the machine for. They both can perform equally well, and based on the model and capabilities and all else, of course. Now, then, what makes them truly DIFFERENT from one another, on another note entirely, would be this here —- how much FLOOR SPACE they can take up, at the end of the day. Yes, floor space … consider that firstly. And now, I will share with you just a bit more ….

So first of all, on this, let us have a closer look at the floor space itself and just what that all can mean, especially if you know very little on these compressor machines and wish to teach yourself a new thing or two. Why not? Learning is good.

Anyways, in terms of the floor space, then, you have to keep in mind the following points : If space itself is a problem for you, and you want to put in such a machine in your home, office, or anywhere else, then what you need to consider is the fact that a vertical air – compressor, in this case, might just become your new best friend. It might be best for what you need here. And here is the ‘why’ on that …..

Now, then, the tank on this specific type of compressor, for one, is stacked right up at the very top of its base unit and motor. And thus, as such, this machine is a lot more … hmm …. how would you say? SPACE – SAVVY. Due to its easy portability and carry - ability, all in all, as well, the vertical air – compressor is also the one of choice here … in just about any case. And if you move a lot, or re – arrange your office or home all the time, then this can be the most convenient option for you, too. Think on that a bit. You can basically wheel – in or even dolly – in ( if your dolly is big enough, in dimensions, of course ) this kind of air – compressor, to any spot in your office / home, in just seconds.

When you drag it from one location to another, it’s easier than ever to do. And I repeat that for emphasis. I hope you get that, my friend. That’s why the vertical air – compressor is my personal bestie ( he he he he he he heh ) , my “fave” of these two ( yeah … favorite ) . But you may like the horizontal one instead, and that’s ok with me. ( Still friends, right? ) ….

Thank you for reading this!