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How to Cut Laminate Flooring - 5 Different Tools

Today, laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring options on the market. And what’s more, it is DIY friendly.

That means you can install it yourself without any professional help. But be careful of the cutting technique. If you don’t know the proper machine or tool to cut it with, there are chances that your flooring setup is doomed!

So, the catch is to know the different tools that can help you out.

I have seen most people opting for a mitre saw for this purpose. There is no debate about its utility. However, it has its own pros and cons. And there are other options left also.

Hence, let’s have a look.

Different tools to cut laminate floor:

There are several tools available on the market for chasing this purpose. Each one is good and can provide you with satisfactory results. However, every device comes with a set of pros and cons. That is why you should always consider taking a closer look at each tool.

The tools that you can consider are as follows:

Flooring cutters:

One of the most convenient options for handling laminate floor cutting is the flooring cutters. These are specifically designed to cut laminate flooring. It functions like a large paper cutter. You simply have to put force on the blade, and voila! The firm pieces you desire are ready in no time.

One of the fascinating facts about this tool is that they do not make dust. Hence, a clean and tidy operation is assured. You may find these tools in different sizes and designs. However, the primary function is just the same.



Miter saw:

Miter saws are the most popular option. Often people choose a miter saw to cut laminate flooring or any type of board for that matter. That’s because this is known to be the most convenient option among all.

The Miter saw is pretty easy to handle. You just have to fix the flooring board in the correct position, and the blade will do the rest. It can provide you with perfect 90 degrees and cuts of any other angle.

You can choose between the sliding and the non-sliding models as per your convenience. But one pro tip for driving the best result is that you should always choose a large blade to cut the board in one snap. Otherwise, there are chances of the cut not being perfect.




Another tool on our list is the jigsaw. It is indeed a helpful tool when it comes to cutting heating or AC vents on the floor. However, this tool is useful for other cuts as well.

You cannot expect a jigsaw to be as fast as a miter saw. This tool is a bit slower than the former. However, the versatility of this machine is beyond question. It can provide you with cross cuts and rips.

One significant point of laminate flooring is the cutting tooth. Make sure you choose one with medium or fine cutting teeth, and it should be upwards while operating.



Circular saw:

The next option for you to rely on is a circular saw. However, I would not say that this one is an ideal choice. You can cut the floorboard with it but then comes a lot of precautions, ifs, and buts.

Cutting with the help of a circular saw often requires some additional tool like a square. And a key point to mention here is the working surface. While operating a circular saw, you must place the object on a workbench or some kind of surface.

Another significant thing to remember is that these make a lot of dust. Therefore, be careful about the slipping factor and get a broom and a dustpan ready at your disposal.



Table saw:

The last but not the least option on the list is a table saw. Apart from the accuracy of cuts and easy operation, it has a fantastic fact that might draw your attention. This one can cut your floorboard lengthwise as well. So if you desire to rip in that fashion, you may consider a table saw.

However, if you plan on a table saw, it is recommended that you make sure that your task has the requirement of lengthwise cuts. Otherwise, using a table saw for versatile cuts might create an issue.




After tons of research and insights, we have concluded that apart from the miter saw, you may consider flooring cutters to be your best bet. However, all other options mentioned are also worth giving a shot.

Do choose for yourself and give it a go. Good luck!