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Is Blowing Out RV Water Lines Good vs Antifreeze?

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

This question is good. I can tell ya that. It’s a good starting point ….

Now, keep in mind that going with an air form of blow – out ( instead of using anti – freeze ) is my own option of preference, and I will share with you the advantages that this approach holds ….

So first of all, the biggest ( and most obvious ) benefit of using your compressor to do the blow – out is that you save money on buying anti – freeze ( saving money, yayyyy ) . Yup, you just use the air in your machine, basically, and that’s it … so no trips to the Walmart behind your house to go and buy anti – freeze … nope, nope, nope.

If you have a tiny little bit of anti – freeze in your garage, you can just use a little bit of that. And that should be enough. It is best to use a little as opposed to none ( but mostly blowing – out, yourself, with just the air and the machine for the job ) . Now, then, you might also like to hear me stick to the facts AS WELL AS my own experiences, based on them ( I always like to pair fact with experience as much as I can, in any written work of mine, and you will find I am a real stickler for that, but I try to have some fun, too, he he heh ehe he heh ) .

Anyways ….

I have used a blow – out and I have used anti – freeze. But like I said, I prefer the blow – out approach much more. Here is another reason why for that ….

Next, you have the benefit of de – winterizing being so much darn easier ( and faster as well ) when you blow out the RV’s water lines … instead of going with anti – freeze. Now, the reason for this is simply due to the sole fact that all you have to do is literally connect your RV to the local city water supply ( or even just re – fill it yourself with a new, fresh tank you bought ) and use it like you normally would. That’s literally it! I’m not kidding, friends. Is that a piece of cake or what? ( And now I’m hungry ) ….

You don’t need to run your plumbing. You don’t need to dump anti – freeze solution down into your sewer system. You don’t need to later dispose of such solution, either … through a thorough flush - out ( which you must do, if you take the anti – freeze option ) . Plus, you get no annoying ( frickin’ annoying, I might add, actually, to emphasize the annoyance of it ) after – smell / odor that often comes with anti – freeze, either …