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Ryobi 40V Hp Brushless 26-Inch Hedge Trimmer Ry40640

Let’s face it, trimming hedges can be a real hassle. It becomes apparent, particularly if you own a plug-in or diesel-powered hedge trimmer. Either you are inhaling fumes, or you are being entangled in the wire.

Due to this, gardeners are increasingly using battery-powered gardening equipment. Due to the absence of a cord, battery-powered garden equipment, such as hedge trimmers, are typically lighter and more environmentally friendly than petrol-powered hedge cutters. They also provide more flexibility.

One product that has excelled in the cordless trimming department is the Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 26-inch hedge trimmer. But how does this trimmer stand in today’s competitive environment? Should you buy this trimmer?

Read on to discover the usage and benefits of this trimmer. It’ll help you make an informed decision before your hedge trimmer purchase.

All About Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 26-Inch Hedge Trimmer

Due to the high quality of its equipment, Ryobi tools, provided by Ryobi Limited, continue to be one of the most popular brands. This company has actively managed the supply of electric power equipment and other valuable items since its founding in 1943.

The company first sold die-cast items before starting to make offset printing machines in 1961. Ryobi began introducing its tools only in 1968. Once again, this brand has maintained consistency in the market.

The result of that consistency is the Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 26-inch hedge trimmer. This trimmer has more power and run time than a gas bush trimmer, with a chopping frequency of 3000 strokes each minute.

The brushless motor offers the best performance and a longer lifespan. The 26” blade offers increased reach and optimum cutting capability. While minimizing vibration, the twin action steel blades provide a powerful 1” cutting capacity.




What Are The Best Features Of The Ryobi 40V HP Trimmer?

Here are some distinct features that make this hedge trimmer stand out:

Handling And Maneuvering

The start-up for the trimmers is quite simple. However, it should go without mentioning that you should constantly wear the appropriate safety equipment, including eyewear. Being a two-switch action, one switch must be held down before the other is engaged on the handle.

You can quickly start the clippers because of their excellent intuitiveness. Particularly when taking up the tool, gripping the handle causes one of the switches to be engaged, perhaps resulting in a shock when it starts up.

None of the handles squeak and are solid. When turning on the trimmer, they include a two-switch safety function. The trimmers can handle branches up to 22mm thick, a little more than typical hedge clippers can handle.

There is an anti-jam mechanism, meaning the trimmers will instantly stop operating if you strike anything too wide or uncuttable. The 2.7kg weight of the hedge clippers makes them heavier than comparable entry-level battery-powered bush clippers.

The operation is straightforward, with just three buttons. Some other clippers feature adjustment mechanisms or safety keys that need to be inserted. The Ryobi needs the battery inserted before you can use it. After the completely hassle-free task, you may very well start cutting the hedges.


The rotating handle on the hedge trimmers is an outstanding feature. The clippers’ top has a button that you can press to rotate between 45 or 90 degrees. Although it may not seem very interesting, doing this will prevent wrist and shoulder discomfort when trimming hedges.

By turning the clippers, you may avoid bending your body when cutting hedges, making it much more ergonomic to operate. The spinning handle effectively protects your hands and back from any twisted injuries.


You can reshape a topiary box wedge into a pyramid shape and cut a circular box bush with the trimmers. Because of their complex structures, both need complicated maneuvers with an automatic hedge trimmer. The Ryobi works well, providing a smooth cut with minimal snags.

It’s also very helpful in preventing arm strain from rotating the handle. While you won’t ever achieve the same level of perfection with motorized hedge clippers as you would with some unique hand clippers, they do get the job done 90% of the time.

When trimming hedges and shrubbery, you should always be careful not to snag the bush or force the trimmer to cut bigger branches than the instructions recommended. You only harm your equipment, plants, and hedges by promoting disease or dieback.

Battery Life

One of the finest hedge trimmers, the Ryobi RY40640 40V is simple to operate, has a good runtime, and has enough cutting power for light to heavy-duty chores.

The Ryobi RY40640 is a cordless hedge trimmer with a 40-volt lithium-ion battery system. Compared to more conventional battery types, this offers greater power and a longer effective runtime.

Although this Ryobi is vital for a battery-powered device, it is not as strong as electric or gas hedge trimmers. With the included charger, the rechargeable battery reaches its maximum capacity in 90 minutes.

The fact that this hedge trimmer consists of a detachable power pack is a definite plus. This enables you to take out and recharge one battery while using a different one.

Additionally, the 40-volt battery is interoperable with all Ryobi 40-volt equipment, allowing you to transfer batteries between them if you own several of these tools without purchasing an additional lithium battery.

Is Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 26-Inch Hedge Trimmer Worth It?

The brand new trimmer that Ryobi offers is an excellent deal for your money. The Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 26-inch hedge trimmer is an outdoor power equipment that delivers high performance.

It comes with extra inches and a rotating head which lets you quickly switch from horizontal to vertical trimming and cutting in no time. Get this equipment to keep your garden in good shape with much ease!