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How Do You Get Free Dewalt Tools?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

How Do You Get Free Dewalt Tools?

My friend, I would be lying to you and doing you a great disservice if I ever told you that I knew someone who did NOT like to get free things in life … we all do, right? What’s free is free. And free is good. And in this page, I am going to look at a topic of interest to many, and something of which some people have even asked more than once —- how to get free DeWalt tools. So stay with me, from beginning to end, and I promise we’ll have some fun, too. Read on ahead, friend ….

Now first of all, I would like to bring this up to your attention —- the very fact that certain stores like Lowe’s do make special offers, from time to time … yes, even offers in which you can get free tools from DeWalt. As a matter of fact, in March of 2022 alone, they released a special offer that allowed customers to get a free DeWalt tool if they simply just purchased a set of DeWalt Powerstack batteries ( $200 cost ) . These batteries were released to the public just in December of the prior year ( 2021 ) and since then, have been known to be some of the strongest and best around, no joke ….

In fact, these batteries are both smaller and last longer than prior ones they’ve made. All you had to do, at the time, was buy these batteries, and you would get a free DeWalt tool costing $129 to $219. You could even get to choose the product, as long as it was within this listed price – range. Many people ( in fact, dozens and dozens of Americans across the country, I kid you not ) took advantage of this offer in a heart – beat. It was a good deal that came and went fast …. hopefully you got to be one of those lucky customers yourself?

Did you know, by the way, that just this year and last year alone, DeWalt was marked as one of the “best tool brands” around? In fact, many experts gave them such a label. And they were not wrong. DeWalt kicks butt. If you enjoy 20 – volt max chargers, too, then check this out ….

DeWalt sells many of them, and not only that, but the batteries mentioned work with several models of them, too. This was a top – choice type of product many people got for free with the special offer. These chargers hold dozens of 5 – star reviews, all splattered across the internet. That should say everything.

So, the best way to get free DeWalt tools, at the end of the day? It’s to be on the lookout for similar offers from Lowe’s and other suppliers. Constantly Google “free DeWalt tools this month” , etc. You might get lucky and not miss the next offer…