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How Do You Use A Chop Saw For Beginners?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

How Do You Use A Chop Saw For Beginners?

You’ll find this to be one of the easiest saws a beginner could ever get his or her hands on, my friend, so relax and don’t worry. I’m going to teach you how to use one, and you will find it’s all relatively simple ( common sense, too, he he he he heh ) . So please get started reading ….

Now first of all, I would like you to read my very first point of importance here, which is the very fact that a chop – saw is, in fact, NOT the exact same as a miter – saw ( which I know you were wondering, he he he he heh ) . In fact, a chop – saw is usually a bit more rugged and simplistic, by its very nature, and is designed to cut steel, mainly ( whereas a miter – saw is more designed to cut wood, plastic, and even some more non – ferrous – like metals, instead ) . With chop – saws, you also have more types of available : For instance, there are abrasive chop – saws, TCT chop – saws, etc ….

Now, what you also want to keep in mind is the mere fact that an abrasive chop – saw typically has a more low – cutting speed than most others. Yes, it’s the slowest. But it also takes the time to make that cut more adequately, some would argue ….

You want to use this chop – saw mainly for aluminum, timber, molding, decking, etc. Grab a pencil and a tape measure ; with these, start out by just simply marking the line on the wood ( or whatever your cut – able material ) . Put in the blade. If it gets dull ( as it does from time to time ) , switch it out or sharpen it up with some refining tools. Anytime you remove the blade, or put it in, you just be “unplugged” ; in other words, dis – connect your saw from the wall socket and push the “power off” button. This is just a safety pre – caution you ought to keep in mind, of course. Safety is everything, when using these machines, at the end of the day ….

Re – measure and double – check your marks ( based on their size, length, location, etc ) before you cut. This just helps ensure that your cut is truly going to be accurate as it can be, per the specified / desired preferences you have marked. It is also important to remember that, when using any type of chop – saw, you will want to push the slider ( if it comes with one, as certain models do offer it, now ) instead of pulling it. Push … do NOT pull. I repeat that for emphasis : push.

And remember, of course, to take your time. Don’t rush anything. Keep an eye on your hands and fingers always.