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How Do I Adjust The Pressure Relief Valve On My Air Compressor?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Keep in mind all I’ll share now. This is going to be a juicy little page of information. Let’s get started! Let’s get hoppin’, as I like to say ….

Now, then, the first thing to mention here would be this point —- that you will always want to start by powering OFF your compressor. Now once it has been turned off, you will find your differential’s locknut ( see images online if you don’t know what it looks like or how to locate it ) and then loosen it. What you will want to do here is to simply just carefully turn that differential screw in a clock – wise rotation until you find your pilot seat resting right on that inner ( or “internal”, as some prefer to call it, he he heh ) ball. From here, you will want to be sure to secure that differential locknut right at the moment you notice it making contact with the ball itself. Easy so far, right? I’ll keep it plain and simple …. now keep reading ….

Next, you are going to need to adjust your compressor, but how, you might ask? Well, adjust it straight to its min ( or minimum, he he he he he hheh ) setting for load – pressure …. just as you, of course, power off that compressor. Now, you are going to need to follow that up by, next, screwing your pressure screw all the way back to its original spot … do it nice and slowly, now. This is not a race, I might add, he he he he heh. You don’t want to force any screws or mess up anything here by rushing ….

Next, I need you to then ensure you have the right bottom – pressure setting, and how do you even do this, you might ask me? Well, good question … what you do is this ; secure your locknut ( on the pressure – screw, of course ) and pay close attention to the very moment when you notice air come right out of the valve’s top … then, you can rest assured that the bottom – pressure setting has been set. Easy, peazy, so far, right? There is some more, though, I will tell you ….

Check your min – pressure setting on the compressor just one more time. If the pressure’s lower than where it ought to be, then turn clock – wise on your pressure – screw locknut. Yet if that pressure’s too high, then do the opposite instead ( turning counter – clockwise, of course ) ….

For the right max – pressure setting, do the same once more. Repeat all these steps, of course. Now, at the end, just make sure to secure every single locknut. Ensure it’s secure ( yet not horribly tight …. so it’s not a pain to loosen or un – screw in the future ).